The Farm

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Buck Naked Farm is 5 miles south of historic Pittsboro in Moncure, NC. The property was originally an ’80s era chick hatchery and Dexter cattle farm.  The former owners have
grown up and moved on in life as the property rested, virtually unused for past decade.   We are excited to start work on revitalizing the land and preserving the farming spirit in this little town.  We have been greatly blessed with wonderful neighbors and a beautiful church community to welcome us.

The birds and bees have packed their respective bags for their move to the new place.  They now have 86 acres of woods and pasture to roam.  Over the coming

taco in boxmonths (and years!) we will be working to improve various parts of the farm.  First up was the chicken coop.  Taco, our resident rooster, is proud and protective of his growing flock.  Here he is inspecting the new nest box, with Lily already in it!  Is he nosy or just confused??   We will be  adding to our layer flock this winter in an effort to build a beautiful and healthful egg assortment for spring.  Our blue & green egg layers turned out to be pink layers – but reinforcements are coming soon to round out the egg rainbow.  We think Taco will be delighted!

The beef cattle are a handsome mix of Angus/Hereford breeds, managed by our friend Greg.  This year’s calves are the first born on the property.   My favorite is the little oneDSC_0144 with the white face and half a white tail.  I wish he was a she and could stay on.    Our boys are still searching for a name for the relatively docile bull.  They are all very peaceful yet curious of our actvities.  The bull and chickens have been conditioned them to greet him (and us) at arrival in hopes of snacks.  We try not to disappoint.  We hope to expand the herd and add some new friends in coming years.

This winter we are looking forward to planting the first of the orchard trees and soft IMG_5004fruit bushes (blackberries!)  The native grapes and persimmons are plentiful and very tasty and therefore shared with the local wildlife.  Establishing the fruit orchard is a long term project, but will yield great results for our jams in the future!


We will continue to post updates on farm updates.