Sponsor A Hive


Honeybee on Butterfly Bush 4

Do you love bees but don’t have the room or HOA to allow them?  Squeamish about handling bees but still want to support pollinators?  Get the benefits of a hive without the commitment.  Sponsor a hive!  Here’s what you’ll receive:

Honeybee in NC

One of our honeybees hitching a ride

  • Naming & decor rights – we paint the hive boxes your color choice, and let you pick the name & symbol on the hive.
  • Name plaque on the hive – The hive will bear your name for visitors to see
  • Welcome letter & framed photo of the sponsored hive
  • Monthly updates on what’s happening in the hive – Monthly emails with hive growth, changes, treatments, queening, & honey production
  • Semi-annual open house visits – come out to see the hive & take photos.
  •  Honey to savor – once a year, receive a quart of pure, raw honey extracted from the hive!  (Shipping available if not local)
  • 20% Discount on Bee A Keeper or private workshops

A great gift for nature lovers & gardeners anywhere!

Sponsor a Hive $149/yr.

gift certificates available

To sponsor a hive, please email me for details and I will send you a custom listing.



Colony success and viability is highly variable.  We reserve the right to manage the hives according to best beekeeping practices including but not limited to: requeening, splitting, relocating, treatments & honey harvesting.  Hive equipment and colonies remain the property of Buck Naked Farm, LLC.