Skin Care


Honey Butter Lotion BarsDSC_0210.JPG

A handy go-anywhere skin butter that is solid at room temperature.  Rub it like a soap and let the warmth of your hands melt the oils for just enough coverage.  Richly conditioning with raw shea butter and beeswax, this blend is perfect for truly dry skin.  All without alcohols or petroleum products – who thought those were a good idea in lotion anyway?

Beeswax Lip BalmDSC_0212.JPG

Our beeswax and sweet almond oil blend with no alcohol or petroleum products.  We choose lightly sweet flavors that celebrate what bees pollinate.  Available in these great scents (flavors?):

Lavender Honey,  Lemongrass Mint, Sassafrass, Lemonade, Hot Chocolate, Strawberry Lime & Tangerine.


Beard BalmDSC_0208.JPG

If your good hair day includes what’s on your face, this is for you.  Our balm softens coarse  facial hair with premium oils like jojoba, avocado, & argan and provides a touch of control with natural beeswax.  We finish this blend with pure essential oils for a light cedar wood scent.