Our Bees

Come in to meet the ladies of our hives!

Our bees are local!  They grew up around here, just like us.  We manage our hives with great care, minimally invasive with all natural products, no harsh chemicals.  They are fascinating creatures to observe, completely dedicated to their tasks.

DSC_0352 DSC_0350

 Did you know the average worker bee only lives for 6-8 weeks?  During that time, they change jobs 4-7 times!  Everything from janitor, nursemaid, builder, security guard, shopper, and more.  They pretty much work themselves to death and are replaced by new bees regularly over the spring and summer seasons.

On the left: A frame of brood (baby bees).  Note the nice stock of honey capped in the lighter wax around the center circle.

DSC_0324 DSC_0334

Did you know that all the worker bees in the hive are female?

A single queen rules the roost, but the 40,000+ workers run the show.  They make all the decisions, even when to oust her majesty.  We use all wood and wax equipment in our hives – bees like natural stuff.  The photo on the right shows some bees daisy-chained together drawing out new wax comb.


A spring swarm at Historic Oakview County Park in Raleigh.  This one was easily captured by Wake County inspector Will Hicks.  Hives strive to swarm – it represents the success and strength of the hive to be able to cast off these mini starter colonies.  Most people are terrified to see so many bees in a cluster.  But this is when they are usually the most docile.  They have packed their moving gear (honey stomachs) and are waiting for the group signal to rehome, kind of like bee Due Diligence in real estate.