Pastured Laying Ducks


IMG_5753Meet The Flock

Our duck flock was started by Sauce, our younger son.  He purchased our initial IMG_5491ducklings which we all quickly fell in love with.  We raise a combination of Khaki Campbells and hybrid Cambell layers.  They started off on pasture in what we affectionately called Duckingham Palace.  Paul & Spaghetti (older son) built the Palace last year and it underwent multiple renovations.  They have since moved full time to our larger pond where they stop any cars entering the drive to demand treats.  Otherwise they wile away the day lounging on the banks or searching the mud for bugs.  Hysterical to watch.  Don’t tell me animals don’t know how to play.

What We Feedduck-in-house

Since our ducks live on pasture, they eat what they want, quite simply.  There is plenty of grass, weeds, and bugs for them scavenge, plus the occasional weeds and produce which they love.  I’ve learned the hard way though that they don’t like bananas!  We do offer them a free choice feed, the same balanced layer feed with calcium and herbal extracts as our hens eat.  See here for questions about feed.

Why Eat Duck Eggs?

Most stores (and people) think chicken eggs.  So why duck?



  • Richer taste
  • Higher nutritional value
  • Longer shelf life
  • Larger size
  • More Omega-3s

Read more about the benefits of duck eggs here and here.