Our Mission

Our goal at Buck Naked Farm is to restore our adopted farmland to a functional and sustainable agricultural business.  But our passion is honeybees.


Me & the berries

Most of our farm projects benefit the bees or help the bees help us.  Blueberries, blackberries & raspberries offer forage for the bees, fruit for us, and nectar for honey.  Win- win -win.  The cutting garden offers bee forage during the normally nectar-shortage time of July & August and pretty flowers for us.  Win-win.  Our pollinator garden offers more forage and educational setting for people.  More winning.  We even seed our deer food plots & pastures with bee-beneficial plants.

But we want to do more than just raise bees & honey.  We want to share our passion for


Chatham Co Pollinator Festival

these amazing insects.  We are already doing public outreach at schools, festivals, and civic
groups, spreading the word about the importance of pollinators and the honeybee plight.  Feel free to contact us if your group is looking for a speaker.  We love sharing the wow of applied science – bees see in ultraviolet spectrum.  They can do geometry and even dance.  Their complexities enamor everyone who learns, old and young.

But beekeeping is a daunting hobby to start.  People are overwhelmed by the equipment costs, learning curve, and fear of mistakes.  Plus, where do you get bees?  We hope to offer new and prospective beekeepers an opportunity to try it before they buy it.  We want our farm to become a bee and beekeeper haven.

We foresee offering open-farm, open-hive days where interested families can get their hands into a hive using our gear and our equipment.  We hope to offer workshops on getting started, harvesting honey, and using your hive products.  It’s an opportunity to use our land to help the backyard beekeepers sustain the honeybee.


We will keep the site updated with events and happenings.  But if you are new or just considering the hobby, please email us so we can keep in touch!  Backyard beekeepers are the lifeguards of the bee population.  And they need all we can get!