Learn About Bees

Wake County Pollinator Festival

Chatham County Agricultural Center Grand Opening Photo by Debbie Roos

Beekeepers love to talk about their craft because it’s mysterious.  Bees are livestock according to the NCDA but unlike any other type, they are wild creatures.  They live in our hive boxes because they want to.  They can (and do) leave our boxes any time they please.

There are mysteries in these wild creatures that keep us learning for life.  So we invite you to enjoy the complexities of nature along with us.  Here’s how:

  1. Visit us at a community event:  Our farm participates in a number of educational outreach programs (see our calendar of events here) and use all of our events to talk bees when I can.
  2. Schedule a private group.  We do presentations on-farm and off for a variety of school, civic, & interest groups.  (Visit our private events page here.)

There is always more to learn.  Keep buzzing!

Chatham County Pollinator Day