Jams, Jellies & Other Goodies


We are proud to be a NCDA inspected processor for jams, jellies and a host of other goodies.  Our principles are the same as with our other products – local ingredients, whenever possible, with little else added.  Our flavors follow what is seasonally available.  Here’s what’s tasty right now….


Apple Pie Jam – Just what it says – pie in a jar.  Made with juicy NC apples, 2 types of DSC_0271cinnamon and other warm spices.  This is a wonderful topping for ice cream, spread on cinnamon swirl bread, or with farmhouse cheddar on a baguette.  My kids wrap it in bread and toast it for a makeshift handpie.


Autumn Fig Jam – A true taste of fall!  Organic figs and a hint of orange make this DSC_0275spread a seasonal favorite.  It is a real multi-tasker.  Blend it with balsamic vinegar for a wonderful fall dressing, spread it on goat cheese with thyme for an instant appetizer, or  swirl into greek yogurt with granola for a quick breakfast.




Strawberry Vanilla Jam – A classic with a sophisticated twist.   Our Strawberry VanillaJam is mildly sweet and very fruity.  Perfect as a filling for cookies, pastries or on a scone for teatime.  


IMG_5871Triple Crown Jam – My personal favorite.  A simple but perfect blend of blueberries, blackberries, & raspberries – the best berries bees pollinate.   It is a pure and simple formula fruit + sugar.  Nothing more.   It is my favorite with almond butter for PB&J 2.0.


Rhubarb Cardamom – An unusual favorite.  A subtle blend of tart rhubarb and unique floral cardamom.  This one is perfect over ice cream or on a crunchy english muffin with morning tea.  It is pure rhubarb served straight up without any other flavors to cover the unique taste.



Spiced Peach Jam – The simplest blend of fresh NC peaches, sugar and spices.  Perfect on morning toast or as a glaze on pork chops or tenderloin.



Jalapeno jelly hangin with its Chile honey cousins

Jalapeno Jelly – I make this zippy jelly with our field grown jalapeños and Thai dragon chiles for pretty red & green speckles.  This sweet & tangy pepper jelly is the Swiss Army knife of jelly.  My favorite use is as a condiment – a toasted bagel sandwich with melty cheese, turkey and a spoonful of this jelly makes lunch at home a fancy affair.  It is equally good on simple crackers & cheese or spread on roasted pork.  A must have-on-hand for the holiday season.


Our flavors follow the seasons, and are only here for a short time.  Enjoy them while they last!