Cage Free Quail


dsc_0280Meet The Flock

Quail are our newest addition to the Buck Naked flock.  We raise our quail in protected runs on dirt.  Not cages in sheds.  These quirky little birds love to dust bathe.  We provide lots of hidey holes and natural obstacles for them to run and hide in.  Their favorite game seems to be scuttle around tag.  We also maintain low stocking rates of males to females to avoid competition.

What We Feeddsc_0223

We provide our flock with the high protein diet they need for optimal health plus minerals and botanical extracts for egg & digestive health.  Some folks question the use of corn and soy in animal feed but learn that otherwise achieving optimal protein balance is cost prohibitive.  Most just aren’t interested in eggs tripling in price.   We never use hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals of any kind.

photo from Countryside Network

Why Quail?

These tiny eggs are nutritional powerhouses.  Their cute little spotted eggs are often found in gourmet restaurants but are packed with vitamins and minerals for everyday use too.  The higher yolk to white ratio makes them a fattier, richer egg but with less allergy risk than chicken eggs.  Read more here.