Farm Fresh Eggs

If you haven’t had farm fresh eggs, there is a difference!  Free range eggs have routinely shown 2x more Omega-3 acids, 3x more Vitamin E, 1/4 less saturated fat, and 1/2 the cholesterol than caged eggs.  For more compelling reasons, visit Free range vs. caged eggs. What’s the Difference? and read more reasons why this is the easiest meal choice you can make!

Meet The Flock

Our 50+ layer flock has the free range of our 86 acres.  We raise a mixed flock of many breeds including Barred Plymouth Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Austrolorps, hybrid layers and Easter Eggers.  They lay a rainbow of colored eggs that are worthy of display in the kitchen, (if you can stop eating them.)  Our girls spend their daytime hours scratching outdoors and dust bathing in the sun.  They come and go as they please from the coop to the pasture and gardens under the watchful eyes of our 3 roosters: Taco, Patton, & Casper (Taco’s son).  Patton is currently our lead rooster, having ousted Taco from the position this winter.  But all 3 are wonderful providers for and guardians of their girls.  The boys often get short shrift from treats, as they call their hens over to eat the treats they find.  Good boys!

What We Feed

We supplement our flock’s foraging with locally milled feed and some occasional snacks. They are incorrigible treat beggars!  Our layer feed is just a supplement – most of their dining is done outside on grass, clover, bugs, worms, and other tasty goodies.  Our  supplemental feed does contain corn and soy.  It also contains a blend of herbal & botanical extracts to enhance digestive health with probiotics.  Some folks question the use of corn and soy in animal feed but learn that otherwise achieving optimal protein balance is cost prohibitive.  Most just aren’t interested in eggs tripling in price.  Since our feed represents only a small portion of the flock’s diet, I find it acceptable.  And we never use hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals of any kind.  Just chickens outside doing chicken business.

And the eggs prove it!  Not only do our eggs taste better than store-bought, they are better for you, better for the chickens, and better for your cooking!  (Fresh eggs can increase the shelf life of baked goods!)  Eggs truly are nature’s perfect food.