Handmade Soap

Our handmade soaps are crafted in small batches with all natural locally and/or sustainably sourced ingredients and are naturally colored with clays & botanicals.    Soaps are available in gift sets & individually.  Click any title to visit our Etsy listing.

Gift Sets

Farm Sampler  $18                                                    Blooming Sampler. $18

(Oatmeal Honey, True Grit, Herbivore)                      (Wildflower, Lavender, Sunflower)













Floral Guest Soaps (Large)  $10                                     Floral Guest Soaps (Mini). $10








Honeybee Guest Soaps  $10

2018-03-16 00.28.07


                                                              Bar Soap Individual Scents $6/bar

Oatmeal Honey

Our signature soap.  Made from a nourishing blend of coconut, olive, castor, and canola oils, this soap adds the humectant properties of our beeswax and honey with the soothing properties of real oatmeal.  It is topped with the classic honeycomb pattern.  Perfect for giving (or keeping).


True Grit 

A genuine guy soap made with real NC corn grits.  It carries a classic aftershave scent that guys like and women LOVE.






Everyone’s favorite relaxing scent of lavender paired with the moisturizing properties ofcreamy shea butter.  Our recipe uses all natural Brazilian purple clay to achieve the beautiful lavender color.




A nod to one of our favorite farm critters, this soap is designed to look like the classic black & white cow and carries the scent of fresh grass.  Besides looking super cool and somewhat manly, this bar is crafted with activated charcoal which naturally absorbs toxins to cleanse and purify your skin.


An all natural gardner’s soap.  This bar is made with real calendula petals and calendula tea plus our beeswax.  It carries a sweet, floral scent like summer in the garden.  Calendula is widely regarded for its skin calming properties.  A pretty bar for gifting or keeping!



Morning Buzz

For those needing their java fix, this coffee-scented soap uses real coffee and coffee grounds to exfoliate and deodorize.  Made with beeswax and shea butter, it is gives a good scrub with a soft lather.  Great for the kitchen or bath.


Honey Lagerdsc_0199

Bathe with brew.  Made with real beer, our Honey Lager soap has a rich and soothing lather thanks to the hops.  We blend beeswax with shea butter and coconut oil for a soap gentle enough for sensitive skin but manly enough for any guy.


3 thoughts on “Soap

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    • Good question Margarita! All of our soaps are cold processed, made with lye. In well-made soap, lye isn’t a final ingredient. Lye (sodium hydroxide) is the catalyst that converts the oils into the lovable salts that clean and make bubbles. A cool chemistry process called saponification. Correctly processed soap has no residual lye in it. We further cure our soaps for months to reduce harden and ph. I hope you’ll find that our soaps clan without leaving the stripped feeling that commercial detergents do. Thanks for loving Oatmeal Honey & True Grit!


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