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Changing seasons always bring new flavors and honey is no different.  I’m excited that we can share something new & unique this year – a seasonal collection of NC honey.  This is the first year we have had quantity enough to offer it for sale.  Our seasonal sampler includes 1 mini 2oz jar each of our spring Wildflower, summer Sourwood, and fall Piedmont honeys.   So, what’s the difference?  It’s all about the source.

Claire Jones at the Garden Diaries wrote a nice piece on honey tasting through the year which I’ve linked to below.  I like her explanation of how the plants are choosy about when to release sugars in their nectar.  Most people see honey ubiquitously available in the grocery store bear and assume it’s all the same.  Just like the wine aisle, right?  There are only 1 or 2 choices there or in the beer cave.  Varietals in any food provide the complex yet subtle nuances of flavor & consistency that beg to be paired with like minded foods.

NC honey varietal sampler box

NC Seasonal Honey Sampler

If you’re looking to give a taste of NC to friends or family this gifting season, consider one of our honey samplers.  The Seasonal Sampler is a snapshot of NC’s 3 distinct growing seasons.  Each honey getting progressively darker and more boldly flavored.   My Flavored Sampler is a fun combination of sweet & savory honeys.  Both are gift boxed and ready to go.  Perfect for hostesses, gift swaps, and NC transplants.   If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll serve it to you!  Both sets are in limited quantities.  Get yours in our Etsy Shop before the season changes again!

Nc Hot Chile Pepper Honey

Chile Infused NC Honey


Good raw unpasteurized honey tastes very different from the plastic clover honey bear that you purchase at the supermarket. I compare it to processed cheese vs. a home made varietal cheese. Honey bears are simply an accumulation of many types of honey that have been mixed together, heated and made into a homogeneous mixture which […]

via Taste of Honey — The Garden Diaries


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