The Best Part

Sudden cooler weather and talk of Black Friday deals mean the holiday season is full speed ahead.  Halloween feels like the crest of the roller coaster to me.  Done with the click-click-click of slow autumn progress, cresting the apex, and preparing to carreen through 2 months of holidays, family, and gift lists.


Kinda sketchy

The downhill is the best part though.  Nobody raises their hands for the slow ride up.  It’s the wild abandoned plunge that elicits the shrieks and hands-in-the-air abandon.  And so goes the holiday season.  My best coping strategy is preparedness: crockpot recipes, lists, calendars, and early shopping.  The two keys to success are the list & the early part.  My tip for the list: add a few ghost runners.  These are in the form of spare, all-purpose gifts on hand for the hostess/coach/neighbor you forgot or who unexpectedly gifts to you.  Hip pocket items that can be called up at a moment’s notice.  It will happen.

My tip for the early part: start now.  The roller coaster downhill is over in a seeming instant.  And the obvious advantage to starting early is ending early.  Early finishers get the good swag at the finish line, in this case spare time.  So here are 3 opportunities this week to get you started:


  1. Vend Raleigh Sip & Shop.  Thursday 11/9 5:30-9:30pm at the Mayton Inn in downtown Cary.  Cool venue, handmade products from unique local vendors (including us).  Great girls night out to get this shopping party started.
  2. farmers market craft fairArtisan Fall Craft Fair at the NC State Farmer’s Market.  11/10-12th Fri-Sun at the State Farmer’s Market in Raleigh.  Fresh food, crafts, & firewood all in one spot.  Nuff said.  We’ll be there Saturday only, but the event is all 3 days.
  3. wwf2 Winter Wonders Craft Fair at Middle Creek High School.  Saturday 11/11.  I can’t make this one this year because of the conflict with the Farmer’s Market but it’s a fun event with staff and sometimes student craft booths.  I hate to miss it but thought I’d give them a shout out.
gift sets

New this year – boxed gift sets!

We will be at a couple more events this season – check our calendar here for more information.  I always post our whereabouts on our Facebook and Instagram pages as well.  This season I’m bringing along the favorites (the must-have fig jam to satisfy any appetizer conundrum) and some new things (cutest beeswax ornaments & guest soap gift boxes!)  As in the past, any $25 purchase gets you the super cute Buck Naked Farm gift bag for FREE.  Wrapped and ready to go, it’s the all purpose gift for anyone that you can customize.  And cross it off the list.  Happy shopping season!  I hope to see you at one of our events, hands in the air or not.



Super cute gift bag in action


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