Hot Weekend Forecast!

We have a spicy weekend on tap..  Saturday from 1-5 pm we (and the bees) will be buzzing at the CFSA Farm Tour stop on Ninja Cow Farm.  Our bees hang out there every day, but tomorrow we will be there sampling honeys, talking bees, and getting farmy.  Be sure to visit Ninja cow’s amazing country store with awesome local foods, snacks, and root beer.  $30 gets an entire carload of your friends in to as many farms as you can visit.  Don’t have a ticket?  Just go to your first farm and get one on site.  Visit www.Carolina Farm for maps and all the details.  See where good food comes from – it’s closer than you think!

Sunday we will bring the heat to Abundance’s 10th annual Pepperfest in Briar Chapel.  From 3-6pm you can taste local peppery foods from renowned local chefs.  We will be there with the bees and our sassy Chile Infused Honey plus it’s tamer cousins, Vanilla Cinnamon and Lavender infused.  Jalapeño jelly?  Oh Yes ma’m. Fresh from our gardens, sample our zippy blend and all the other Buck Naked goods.  

Get out this weekend for some serious foodie fun no matter which side of town you are on.  Stop by to see us at either event (or both!). We will also have some exciting new products joining us from the Shop at Buck Naked Farm.  Grab something cold and we hope to see you there.


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