Duck Rescue

Ducks are entertainers.  Aflac knows this and exploits it so well that no one can say the IMG_7379company name without quacking.  Ducks are fun to have around.  Watching them waddle brings a smile – watching them run is hysterical.  So we have added to the duck flock this spring.  14 new little peepers back in March.  They arrived by US Mail in a precious peeping box and have grown faster than the weeds.

To accommodate the new ducks, we changed Duckingham Palace from a permanent domain to a mobile version.  The house got a lift kit and an open concept layout.  And we added electrified poultry netting to give them a big backyard – with a pool.

The first pool worked well for out existing adults, but it turned out to be too deep for the IMG_7574adolescent ducks to exit.  Most of them were coming and going fine, but one got stuck.  I had just come from a bee swarm collection in Garner.  Before installing them I made a quick trip to check on everyone on the farm.  That’s when I noticed her huddled and shivering in the pool.  Without a full set of adult feathers, a long soak in a cold tub is deadly.  Not good.

I don’t know how long he had been there but IMG_7572
she didn’t protest when I picked her up.  Highly unusual.  I wrapped her in my jacket and she laid her head on my arm.  I hurried her to the house.  Even though the farmhouse is still under construction, we had heat & air.  I cranked up the heat and held her wet and shivering over an air duck, um, duct.  She dried fairly quickly but I kept her indoors for a little while to make sure she was ok.  When I found her strolling through the kids bedroom I knew she was ready to rejoin the group.

We have since upgraded the pool to a bigger but shallower model.  Everyone seems quite pleased.  Now they have a shady yard and a bigger pool.  Party time!  Alas, the older ducks still refuse to associate with the enormous group of teenage ducks who must seem like a nervous herd of preteen girls.  But soon enough, those teeny boppers will be turning the heads of our 2 drakes.  Summertime is calling.



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