Decked Out (Reno Part 4)

The farm offers lots of beautiful views so it’s no wonder the house has so much outdoor living area.  The views, plus it’s just easier to sit outside when filthy.  This house had some serious decking.  There was the front, side …


Plywood walkway had an interesting bounce to it

and back….


Water heater & ac on deck

All in about the same condition.  Bad.  Spongy, unsupported, loose, and dangerous.  For a year we have avoided walking on the deck unless necessary.  The main reason it was still standing is that it is a favorite hangout of the chickens.  Even Taco will take a load off and sit down to rest.  But it was condemnable by human standards.  It also housed some unusual tenants: the water heater, freezable spigots, and the ac condenser.  Not good homes for any.


Scary stairs and posts

So when our efforts moved to exterior facelift, the deck(s) had to go.  (Actually the front deck was removed right after we bought it.  The walkway was too rotted and slippery to walk on.)  The boys thought this would be the project of their dreams – yanking down a deck with the tractor!  But no, the HGTV style demos with sledgehammers and heavy equipment are for show.  This would be done by hand.


Paul starts things off (with help from a hen)








This demo was relatively easy but dangerous.  The soft, unsupported wood came apart gladly but the rusted nails and drunken concrete posts were tricky.  I caught one post across the top of my foot.  Thank God for boots.  Paul started and Spaghetti and I finished the job same day.


A much bigger yard








We were left with room for a new ac unit, a generous new deck, and a bigger back yard for parties.  The hens were sad for the loss of their clubhouse but we have some plans in the works for them.  We will replace the deck in the back at some point before summer (I hope!).  The side deck will give way to a new covered porch.  Coming soon!


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