Easiest Appetizer Ever

You forgot.  You were supposed to bring something, serve an appetizer (in addition to cooking the whole meal), or bring a hostess gift.  Whatever you forgot, here is the easiest and possibly tastiest appetizer ever.  Buck Naked’s Autumn Fig Jam, goat cheese, and crackers.  Throw in some fresh pear for the gluten free crowd.  Toss on some fresh herbs for the foodie crowd.  Change the cheese, use fancy bread, top with chopped nuts.  So versatile.  So no effort. So what I need today.

If you forgot, grab some today.  Our Fig Jam is in stock at Lauralee Gifts, LL Urban Farms in Cary and Ninja Cow Farm in Garner.  (Plus I’ve got a secret stash for those who want to pick up from me.)  Let this be the easiest thing you do this Thanksgiving.  Now you have snacks as a distraction for Uncle Mort who won’t stop talking religion, politics, marriage, or his yet undiagnosed medical condition.  Eat up and be thankful for goodness and good food.  Happy Thanksgiving!


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