The Farm Heats Up

Most of our produce is done for the season.  There are a few lingering watermelons and some ironclad swiss chard hanging out with the basil, but it’s mostly done and cover cropped back with buckwheat for the bees.  (Who incidentally are having a literal field day with it).  But fall is when peppers shine.  They’ve been loitering all summer, mostly taking a backseat to the rockstar cantaloupes, corn and cukes.  But those flash in the pan crops have gone and the steadfast peppers now have their moment.  And it’s a spicy one.  I’ve been using them in salsa all summer long but salsa is just the start..

transparent-background-e1467305589915Our friends at Abundance NC give peppers their own event: Pepperfest!  It’s coming up next weekend on Sunday 10/2.  It’s an epicurean gymnastic event for top chefs to showcase local peppers any which way but loose.  30+ chefs from local hot spots like Oakleaf, La Residence, Elaine’s, Harvest 18, Gravy, & St. Jacques will compete with their creations using over 1,000lbs of Chatham County peppers.  This week we dropped off our contribution of Thai Dragon peppers.  These are reportedly going to JuJu of Durham.  I can’t wait to see how/where our peppers show up.  I’m a heat wimp so hope I can eat whatever it is.


Our little hotties

The event is a family-friendly one with live music, entertainment, local vendors, beer and peppers in all forms.  We will be there probably along with some bees (who were still working pepper plants even this week) and some tasty things.  We may even be sampling some a new item: my experimental Chile-infused honey.  Outrageous on cornbread!  Customer feedback is way important on such ventures.  So drop by and tell us what you think.  Grab your tickets to Pepperfest (and some Mylanta if you need it) and celebrate pepper season.


Experimental spicy sweet heat





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