See Your Food in Action!

Recently I wrote about the cool new toy Spaghetti built for me, the wax melter.   Despite its heft, we are using the melter as one of our demonstration pieces for educational use.  Luckily Spaghetti added wheels.  Your first chance to see the behemoth in action will be on this weekend’s CFSA Eastern Farm Tour.

farm-tour-east  ncf logo

“You’re on the farm tour?!?!”  No.  But Ninja Cow Farm is.  They are part of the “Orange” route south of Raleigh.  85 acres of happy cows, pigs, chickens, and bees.  You can visit the animals, tour the farm & buy local ice cream, meat, cheese, wine, baked goods, and of course, honey.  They have this amazing on-farm retail store packed with NC goodies.  Bring a bag, cooler, or sherpa to tote home your goods.  The tour is a fun way to see how where good food is produced.  There are 25 farms to see – pick & choose the ones that interest you (or are nearby).  You can even ditch the car and take a bus!  Some are small, community gardens inside the city and some, like Ninja Cow, are a step outside the rat race where you can take a deep breath.    $30/car (fit as many friends as the law will allow) to visit as many farms as you can.  1-5pm Saturday & Sunday (ticket is good for both days!)

One day when I grow up, I hope we can join the tour.  But for now you can visit our hives at Dan’s place in Garner.  Maybe even meet Miguel who does the heavy farm lifting and secretly hopes to see me get stung.  (Mostly its those who stop to chat with me who get it.  Sorry Spork & Lucy).  So while I won’t be opening any hives this weekend, we will have lots of interesting stuff on display: the observation hive, wax melter, and lots of great info on bees & honey.  Stop by to say hi to the bees & stock up on wildly tasty local goods!




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