Mommy Dearest

The new developments are happening furiously lately.  The fowl are producing in all


Lily’s growing brood

directions!  A few weeks ago, Lily hatched out our first brood of Taquitos.  But we also had a Buff Orpington setting on a nest.  From Mother of the Year to Mommy Dearest… Lily is a mommy star, the buff not so much.  After losing several of her clutch eggs to a snake (maybe her fault, maybe not), she actually hatched out one super cute little black fuzzball.  And promptly tried to kill it.  Bad mama!  The lucky little chick fell or was pushed out of the cage the hen was setting in.  A fall that likely saved its life.  We discovered the shaky little peeper and tried to reunite it with mama.  But no go.  I even tried to see if Lily would accept it.  Nope.  Where to find a mama now?

Chickens are flock creatures.  They enjoy the comfort of other chickens, even if they don’t


Find Peanut in the photo

like each other personally (which they usually don’t).  I frantically searched Craigslist and our usual sources for other day old comrades.  Nope.  So what to do with 1 chick?  I was back to being the broody mama.  And this little one was high maintenance.  Every afternoon it screamed until picked up.  I know it just wanted the comfort of mama but one cannot be productive with a chick in hand, or underfoot for Spaghetti.

Luckily, after several days of this, we located some similar aged chicks at Pittsboro Feed.  What a godsend!  Little Peanut was initially skeptical of the strange fuzzy things, but quickly turned joyful at their play.  Playgroup!  Now all are happily peeping along in the brooder, warmed by each other’s fuzz and doing all the usual endearing baby chick things.  One more Taquito and a few amigos to add to the fold.  Any girls in the group should start laying right around Christmas.  A gift to look forward to.


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