Pittsboro Fits

Our farm is just south of Pittsboro, but we claim it as our own.  It is a folksy combination of Apex’s downtown, Chapel Hill’s art, Raleigh/Durham’s food, Hillsboro’s rural farms, Boone’s free spirit, & Asheville’s plain weird.  I love it.  And Buck Naked is proud to support it.  Last week we joined the Chatham County Beekeepers at the Pittsboro’s Farmer’s Market for the first time.  What a neat group of loan shoppers and unique vendors!  This weekday afternoon market was a treat despite the heat, as an added bonus I got to set up next to the entertainment.  An afternoon of talking bees, selling honey & listening to bluegrass. Bliss.  We plan to be at the market once a month and also appear at the fun & quirky Pittsboro First Sunday events.  Stop by to say hi!

We are excited to also welcome Pittsboro Feed as a new retailer of our honey, jam & soap.  They are a fixture on 64 Business, offering everything for the serious or backyard farm.  They offer an amazing variety of seed, feed, wild bird supplies & CHICKS!  (Sauce purchased the Duckingham Palace residents here.)  They also pittsb feedoperate Pittsboro Pet Supply just across the street with anything you could ever need for man’s best friend.

As if you needed more raison to visit, the downtown Pittsboro shops are the cutest.  They offer the best clothing, books, toys, music, and baked goods anywhere.  Plus there’s restaurants, good o
nes too, fancy ones – down home ones – old fashioned ones.  Stop in if you are local or plan a road trip if you aren’t, Pittsboro is the small town we idealize.  And we at Buck Naked Farm are glad to claim it!


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