Spiced Peach is Back!

Fourth of July signals many things: flags, firework tents, lightning bugs, ice cream and peach2fruit, especially peaches.  When I was a kid, my parents used to make ice cream about twice a year – usually around July 4th.  And since peaches were also in high fashion, why not make peach ice cream?  Because as any kid can attest, ice cream should be full of junk like marshmallows, chocolate, bubble gum, fudgy swirly things, etc.  But not fruit.  Maybe on top.  Maybe.  If there’s whipped cream.  But not in ice cream.  And, now I realize why the kid logic works… because fruit belongs in jam!  (Which can then be optionally put on peachice cream).

In keeping with the flow of produce and a nod to kid dessert truisms, we present Buck Naked’s Spiced Peach Jam.  It’s one of the classics from last year that was in demand far after peach season had faded.  Well it’s back while it lasts.  Spiced Peach will be popping up at Ninja Cow Farm and Lauralee Gifts in time for the Fourth.  Grab some for your ice cream, with or without marshmallows.


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