Reward Season

Summer’s fruit is a reward.  A reward for surviving winter, for not eating those hard off-season store-bought berries, and for sweating through NC’s humidity.  That reward doesn’t come in dribs and drabs.   When nature rewards it comes big time.  All at once.  Feeding by firehose!  Tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, peaches, berries… farmer’s market overload.  But produce aplenty is timely now that bathing suits are here.  Produce is indeed the comfort food of summer.


To simplify the choices, we introduce a solution to the decision-maker’s dilemma of which summer fruit to eat first – our new Triple Crown Jam.  It’s the best 3 berries of summer: raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry, all coexisting beautifully in a jammy kumbya way.  Put it on anything – waffles, ice cream, pork, yogurt and even toast.  It is classic PB&J gone wild.  Plus it’s simple in that Buck Naked kind of way; just 2 ingredients: fruit & sugar.  (Ok, the label has 4 ingredients, but it’s 3 kinds of berries plus sugar.  Don’t get technical.)


The red, black & blueness made the boys want to name it something with Americana flair.  Uncle Sam Jam!  I almost went with the name until we realized the notion of a Buck Naked Uncle Sam went beyond unsavory.  So Triple Crown it is.

Claim your summer reward in a jar.  It’ll even sit patiently on the shelf for a while, ’til you open it.  Then it’s gone before you know it, like summer.  Better just eat it now.  The firehose is full.


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