Now at The Butcher’s Market in Cary!


We are excited to announce that Buck Naked Farm’s honey is now available at the TheBM-logo-whitetext-dropshadow Butcher’s Market in Saltbox Village, Cary.  If you haven’t visited them, you should, like this weekend.  The Butcher’s Market is a specialty grocer specializing in prime meats and hard to find essentials for completing the perfect meal.  Aside from their growing offering of sauces, condiments, and really good honey, they offer a self-serve smoker chip selection, fresh local breads, and seasoned advice from folks with the culinary experience to make your grill sing.

The Butcher’s Market is tucked away in the quaint Salt Box Village shopping center on DSC_0033Kildaire Farm Rd (home of Sugar Buzz Bakery, Science Safari, & Ace Hardware).  We are happy to offer another convenient location to grab some NC honey.  Keep an eye out, as we hope to offer additional Buck Naked Farm products there in the future.

Mattress sales and barbecues aside, Memorial Day is a significant and solemn American


Thank you

holiday.  We are humbly grateful for the sacrifice so many families have made in their loved ones protecting our country and freedoms.  This is not lost on us.  We remember their devotion and commitment so that we may pursue our happiness.


We’ll be celebrating our uniquely American traditions with great food & family.  I hope you’ll stop in to The Butcher’s Market to get acquainted.  Raw honey is the perfect ingredient to sweeten your salads, add tang to your sauces, and doll up your desserts.  Enjoy your All-American weekend!


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