Give it a rest


The best part of using hive products for our soap is that I have lots around the house.  The end cuts, misshapen bars, trial runs.  The downside is that bar soap can get messy.  (Thus the ubiquitous Bath & Body pump soaps.)  But not if you have the proper drainage!  Enter Spaghetti’s new and highly effective cedar soap rests.

Spaghetti is our chief woodworker here at BNF.  (I told him he can have his own label once he gets enough products in the works…  The Woodshop at Buck Naked Farm.)  He has been busy churning out these little cedar beauties, just perfect to keep your high quality handmade soap nice and dry.  The soap rests are all handmade by him (age 14) and are finished all naturally with mineral oil and beeswax for water repellency.

His next step is milling an enormous cedar tree that came down in a storm on the farm.  He is anxious to replace the lumberyard wood for farm-grown stock.  (Which smells fantastic!)  So if your soap is feeling a bit mushy or you are looking for a way to dress up your gift of our all natural soap, give it a rest!  It will keep the soap drier and lasting longer for more clean fun.


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