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cfsa tour

If you’ve ever wanted to get a step closer to your food, check out this weekend’s CFSA farm tour.  38 local farms across the NC Piedmont are opening their doors, er.. gates, to the public.  This is a real opportunity to see behind the scenes of where & how real food is grown.  Plus, it’s spring which means hordes of cute, fuzzy (redundant?) animals to see.  These farms are the local superheroes of your menus.  They use sustainable, often better than organic methods to produce superior food inside your area code.

We are not on the farm tour this year.  Who knows?  Maybe someday when we grow up.  But for now we are anxious to learn from our neighbor farms.  My learning goals for the weekend include: improved duck housing (especially poo-free waterers), expanded egg layer housing, and fruit management (& wildlife defense).  Many farms on the tour have meat, produce, & other goods for sale during the tour, some even have lunch menus offered for sale.  (One of the farms has a working blacksmith shop.   Spaghetti may set up camp and refuse to leave.)

Even though we aren’t open for farm visits at this time, please come visit us at one of our public events this spring.  First up is a tasting event at Lauralee Gifts on 5/6 and then opening day of the Holly Springs Farmer’s Market on 5/7.  We will also be attending the Chatham County Pollinator Festival on May 14 at Chatham Mills.  Please come out to visit us in May!

In the meantime, tour your local farms and celebrate the wonderful local farms & farmers NC enjoys!   Visit Carolina Farm Stewards Association for maps & all the details.


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