Strawberry Arrivals

Strawberry season is creeping across NC.  And what a welcome sight at the farmer’s markets!  These highly anticipated berries are starring in our our first new jam of the season, Starwberry Vanilla.  It is the current favorite in our house.  Recent customer quotes include “Awesome” and “Delish!”  (Sauce can’t get enough of it.  I caught him eating it straight out of the jar one day.)  This spring beauty elevates basic PB&J and is lovely on English muffins.  But it is equally tasty as a salad dressing base or topping sponge cake with whipped cream.  Spring trifle!  As usual, local fruit and all natural ingredients make it sing.  But it won’t be around forever, so enjoy it now. 

 Also in celebration of Spring’s first fruit our new, and slightly addicive, Strawberry Lime lipbalm.  It pairs our simple beeswax and shea butter base with a fresh new flavor.  While it is all natural, try not to eat it straight out of the tube.  Because with a little salt, you could imagine yourself on the way to Margaritaville.  

Look for both new products at Ninja Cow Farm and Lauralee Gifts.  More new products coming out very soon, just in time for Mother’s Day and all those other Spring events (teacher appreciation, graduation, etc!).   Feel free to email me directly to buy or stop in to one of our retailers.  Happy Spring!


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