Quack & Blue Babies

Spring brings babies of all types.  And boy are they exhausting.  This past week the farmIMG_5491 added several.  We’ve got the first 2 new calves of the year, a whole mess of chicks, and our farm’s first ducklings.  The ducks are Sauce’s project to manage.  (mark your calendars for super rich duck eggs come August.)  He chose Khaki Campbell ducks because they are prolific layers.  But I underestimated the cuteness factor.  Grown men and even teenage boys are reduced to head-tilting “Awww!” at the sight of the little webbed feet splashing in a pie pan pond.  The chicks have been somewhat eclipsed by the influx of competitive cuteness.  These IMG_5489little fluff balls will move from the brooder to the coop once fully feathered (about 6 weeks).

The bigger batch of babies came in plant form, 150 of them.  We have converted the abandoned layer barn fields to berry production.  Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberry plants now dot the fields.  It’s so satisfying to look at (now) but it was grueling work.  Spaghetti and Sauce were smart enough to go camping one of the weekends to successfully avoid some of the manual labor.  Paul and I tilled in loads of organic material and hand-hilled 500 linear feet of raised beds.  Then there was the actual planting, mulching, and hand watering.  Forget Crossfit.  This is farm fit.  You img_0044know those white oval stickers on people’s cars to proclaim their being distance races? Forget 140.6 miles.  We are doing 86.5 acres.  The good news is that with some care, this physical investment should bear fruit!  Next year!  We look forward to offering fresh fruit and possibly u-pick opportunities next season.

The biggest batch of babies arrives this weekend.  About 60,000 of them.  Info and photos of the honeybees and apiary expansion next week.  We are excited to welcome the new girls and encourage them to make it a banner honey season!  With Spring’s lengthening days and warming img_0047temperatures, we look ahead to garden planting.  And healing up from farm fit black & blue.


2 thoughts on “Quack & Blue Babies

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