Every Girl’s Crazy…


[Disclaimer: I’m no expert on fashion.  The Jenniform is rigidly denim and cotton t’s.  But my husband is a different, dapper story.  Paul has style.  Cashmere, leather, awesome boots, and an attention to vestment detail I sorely lack.  So any street cred on haberdashery comes from my attachment to him.]

It’s NY Fashion Week, apparently.  Designers trotted out their nouveau duds with things that seem highly impractical to those who chase chickens and play in dirt.  The shaggy mohair sweater looked warm and cozy, although not unlike a Highland cow I saw recently.  Not something I want to wallow in.  But I did come across this collection of classic male must-haves for looking like the ZZ Top sharp dressed man.

What piqued my interest was the collection of grooming essentials coming in at important rank #3 on the list.  (I do question the universality of the ‘understated bracelet’ at #20.  Umm, no.  Let’s call it “19 Things to Own” and move on.)  I’ve noticed in my travels to gift shops, craft shows, and markets a fundamental lack of GOOD guy-care products.  AXE does not count.  We at Buck Naked Farm aim to change that.  And at a far better value than the $20 Jack Black soap – what credibility does this brand have for cleanliness after the same namesake playing a masked monk wrestler and mascara-heavy pirate?

So, in the midst of the chicken cooping, composting, and hive building, we are working on  some great new men’s products.  Right out of the gate are our first 2 newcomers: Fatwood soap and Honey Butter Lotion Bars.  What guy doesn’t smell better when washed in survival-esque fire starter or slathered in rich honey butter?  Okay I won’t go further.  But manliness doesn’t mean funkiness; and floral scents are no longer an excuse to skip the manscaping routine .

Bottom line, guys can look good without smelling girly.  And we’re going to help – naturally (actually all-naturally).  Paul has been promoted to chief sniffer and product tester (the only animal used here).  We’ll be announcing new additions as we he is satisfied with them.  And there is some great new stuff in the pipeline, perfect for any guy, stylish or not.



2 thoughts on “Every Girl’s Crazy…

  1. So I’ve been putting the fatwood soap bar under guys noses in the store. They take a big sniff and go, “meh.”

    I was severely disappointed. I really thought fatwood was an awesome scent for soap.

    Then by happenstance, I got it under the noses of some wives. Woo hoo, they girls LOVE it! This lead me to some conclusions that I should have reached long ago.

    1. Men stink. They don’t care.

    2. Girls love for their men to smell good. And manly.

    3. Men like for their girls to want them near, hence the only reason they bathe, ever. Or behave, or generally do anything besides burp and fart.

    Key takeaways.

    Keep making the manly soaps. Sell them to the wives, who desperately want their men to smell good and not like flowers.

    Based on the feedback so far, I’m taking a shower with fatwood and seeing if I can get some smooches from SWMBO. I will report the results of my scientific research.


    • This is true. Our boys firmly believe soap is a girl’s invention (which may be true for your reasonings above.). I think they might prefer bacon-scented soap, but that would negate the female rationale for soap. So Guys, use the soap your girl buys you. You smell good, everyone’s happy.


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