Little Peepers Funpark 5.0

This weekend was supposed to be the big compost coronation event for the garden-to-be. I’ve been working out the garden details on paper for a while.  That is the fun part.  Drawing, mentally growing some stuff, then redrawing after the mental deer eat it…  Plus there are the piles of seed catalogs extolling the virtues of all of the must-grow varieties. We need 6 types of kale, right?  So this weekend was supposed to be the start of the much needed soil building.  Then this happened…

The load got delivered but not without us paying some stupid tax to the awesome wrecker guy Roy.  (More on the soil building soon).   So we jumped on the next project, expanding the chicken coop to house the little peepers who have long since outgrown their brooder house.  
Spaghetti nicknamed the brooder the Little Peepers fun park.  It has been updated several times with new improvements, including a swing.  (They are all a bit skeptical of it).   But they will be moving out to the coop before long so we have added on to the existing coop (Taco’s house). The great part is that we were able to source almost all of the wood used in the coop expansion from other projects on the farm.  We are slowly dismantling the former house and using as much of the wood as possible elsewhere.  The new coop has 2 rooms now, one for Taco’s harem and the other for the new pullets and future birds.  We’ve doubled the coop space to 160sf which will allow us plenty of room to grow but leave everyone lots of elbow, er, wing room.  Spaghetti even built a new chicken ladder for the older girls to hop their way up to the roost bar instead of parkour-ing straight up.

There are a few finishing touches to add: new feeder, extra window, nest box, more roost bars.. But the majority of the work is done.  Which is good, because the little peepers are not so little!  


Spaghetti’s ladder.  Henna and a few shier girls enjoying the more accessible roost.


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