State Fair Time!

I spent the night at the State Fair once.  I don’t mean I was there until closing, I mean I slept there – in a stall.  No, I wasn’t lost, nor part of the traveling midway crowd, I was in 4-H.   It seems quaint and folksy now but 4-H is a sadly forgotten but valuable incubator for home and agricultural-minded kids.  In those days when I (literally) slept and breathed horses, sleeping in my pony’s stall at the State Fair seemed pretty reasonable.   We entered horsemanship and riding classes competing for colorful ribbons which hung outside the stalls like braggadocious rainbows.  We hung out in tack stalls and roamed the livestock buildings eating fair goodies pretending we knew why certain steers were winning over others.
After a long break, I’m excited to be competing at the fair this year.  I’m proud to say that our company and family all have entries this year.  Buck Naked Farm is entered in several bee and honey competitions: liquid honey, bee product gift baskets, cosmetic products, and wax candles.  For judging purposes, we weren’t allowed to include our company labels on products.  But if you look closely, the individual entry tags have competitor names.  Also, Carrot (our oldest) has 2 photos entered in the junior bee category (Expo Building) and Platy (our youngest) has a Lego display (Handicraft building).  So play a little scavenger hunt and see if you can spot our entries!

The Fair opens Thursday 10/15 and runs through Sunday 10/25.  If your Fair experience has just been the deep-fried twinkies and midway rides, take some time this year to visit the Expo Center to see the agricultural exhibits (giant pumpkins!), milk a cow, watch a goat class, see live bee demos, visit the craftsmen in the Village of Yesteryear… There is so much to see and appreciate about the bounty of our state.  This is what the Fair is about.   And now is a beautiful time to savor it, with some fried dough of course.IMG_4858IMG_4862


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