The Experts on How to Clean Your Room

Honey extracting leaves a mess.  All of the equipment, floors, frames (and people) are  hopelessly covered in layers of pure stickiness.  You could spend hours IMG_0793cleaning and scrubbing, or you can call in the experts.  Given the slightest encouragement of a morning breeze, the honeybees show up right on time to solve the problem.  (Remember me saying why we extract at night?)  Within 5 minutes of placing the honey extractor and equipment out in the bee yard, the first scouts arrived.  Within 10 minutes, the keg-party cleanup is underway. 

It looks like a melee but they aren’t aggressive, just enthusiastic about a tremendous food source during meager times.  After a day of the bees’ scrubbing, not a trace of honey can be found.  IMG_0803Mr. Clean has nothing on these ladies.   They turn a former mess into  bounty for their hives and leave us with sparkling clean equipment.  By the end of the day they have cleaned and sanitized all the extracting equipment, the former honey frames, and even the cap pings wax.  It’s a great relationship – they recoup honey during a lull in the landscape, and we get effortless cleanup.  They do lick everything clean which is a bit different, but their housekeeping skills truly put mine to shame.  These girls are a great example of how nothing is wasted.  I hope they aren’t judging me.  I’m glad they can’t see my kitchen floor.


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