Movin On Up…

IMG_4908Yesterday was moving day for some of the bee hives at our friends Ninja Cow Farm.  They have been managing in top bar hives but decided to switch them over to Langstroths to ramp up honey production next spring.  We assured the bees (who were incredibly docile for all the interruption) everything will be kept natural – no chemicals, no foreign honey, no new taxes… They seemed confused but cooperative (except for the one who kept hounding me, clearly buzzing ‘I hate her!’).  Dan likened it to going off to school and coming home to find out that your family had moved into a new house.  They left a forwarding address, but still weird to suddenly have a new layout and all new furniture. My kids and some onlookers were a bit disappointed at the lack of running and flailing during the whole affair. It truly was a smooth operation with the bees settling down into their new pads pretty quickly.  Sorry kids, but stay tuned, I’m bound to get stung again before long.

IMG_4906It wasn’t the ideal time of year for the move but two of the hives were weak and didn’t stand much chance of making it through winter.  This was a rescue operation for them.  We were able to salvage much of the natural comb they had drawn, but they had precious little in the storehouse.  We’ll be nursing them along through fall. We decided to hedge our bets leaving one colony still in their top bar hive.  They seem pretty stable so we will wait until spring to relocate them into new digs.

Call Dan to book a Ninja Cow Farm visit.  They are close by in southern Wake County.   You’ll get to see the cows, pigs, and whole farm operation, including the bees’ new deluxe apartment in the sky.IMG_4914


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