Only 7 plants

I only have 7 tomato plants.  Well, actually that’s a lie.  I have a bunch.  But I do only have 7 Roma tomato plants this year.  This is the second crop, and more are coming.  I know the horror stories of people trying to unload boatloads of summer zucchini but these are tomatoes.  Did I mention that no one in our house eats tomatoes?  Not raw anyway.  So into the sauce pot they will go.  They are a blessing, and I am truly thankful.  )aare the deer who regularly patronize my summer buffet.). So it’s time to fire up the canner, peel, reduce…  But I guarantee you that next January, from a frosty window, I’ll debate if 7 plants is really enough.  And seeing those glistening jars on shelves in the deep of winter I’ll wonder, is 7 enough?IMG_0808-0


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